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Ah, the happy glowing feeling when one is jelouse of ones own work... ^.^
For those of you who don't know, I have been trying to throw together a project on Boris Vallego {sp?... well it's right on the picture x.X}
Thus I have been looking at a lot of his work, and although with my recent, seemingly hopeless study of anatomy, I have found that even though there are so many things that just could not exist, they look damn cool just the way they are. (and comes the quote of 'but she could never fly! those wings are just to damn flimsly, she couldnt even glide damn you!') and so I started making a serpent, just trying to get the neat musculature that he has.... and I love how it turned out. ^.^ as soon as it is uploaded, I shall post it, just because it has been so dead of late.
See? Karthara does good artwork when she is tired and at late hours of the night, I just finished it a short while ago.
It is also a very good feeling to have an artist that you think is great say that they are jelouse. It makes you feel like you made something really wonderful. (worships Suri?)
Heee! im just a tad bit hyper, in case you hadnt guessed.
Well, ill post it and then let you all go. Must see if anything else good will come to me tonight, though I highly doubt it, you never know. I also did a Surianka that I quite like, definate improvement from my previouse attempts on her char.
http://www.boomspeed.com/karthara/Dcp04000.jpg *|}R00|_'/,* (aka) *DROOLS*
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