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Psych project.

For anyone that wants to help me with this project, please fill out the following 30 questions and give me a general age group that you fall into, (child, teen, adult, elderly) Thanks! ^.^

Do Dreams affect productivity?

Thank you for agreeing to participate in this survey.
Please answer the following questions with a number from 1-5. 1 Strongly Agree, 2 Agree, 3 Either Or, 4 Disagree, and 5 Strongly Disagree.

1. Dreams tend to come more often than not.

2. An organized atmosphere is essential for concentration.

3. You often have more than one dream a night that you can remember.

4. It is difficult to stay awake for the whole day.

5. Being spontaneous is much better than having everything planned out.

6. It is possible to function well on less than 8 hours of sleep a night.

7. Your dreams stay with you for a long time after you wake.

8. It is important to have a comfortable place to sleep.

9. Dreams most often come in full colour.

10. It is more important to get the work done than to have fun doing it.

11. You don’t remember your dreams, even when you have them.

12. Meeting deadlines is not a problem.

13. You feel physically and mentally exhausted after a good day of work.

14. When you dream, your dreams are often vivid enough to be taken for waking life.

15. It is essential to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night.

16. There are often dreams lacking colour, even to the point of being black and white.

17. You are currently employed full time.

18. Having a good time is the most important thing in life.

19. It is easy to work for long periods of time without becoming distracted.

20. Enjoyable days seem to pass quite quickly.

21. You often experience writers/ thinkers block.

22. Education is a major factor in your life.

23. You are holding a part time job.

24. Stress is a normal part of everyday life.

25. You find yourself wanting more hours in a day.

26. As a rule, you tend to be very tidy and organized.

27. Taking the time to ‘unwind’ at the end of each day is essential in relieving stress.

28. You dream more after a relaxing day then after a stressful one.

29. What individuals do in the day affects what dreams may occur.

30. You are generally a very calm person.

Thank you once again for taking this survey.
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